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Where style, meets substance
Meet the team that will help take your marketing to the next level.

Driven by purpose, ferocious
about relationships.

Fierce Creative Solutions was founded in 2021 by Lindsey Chupp and Natalie Small to fill a gap that they felt was missing in the typical agency experience. The company's goal is to understand our clients on a personal and professional level in order to understand your priorities, your culture, your product, and your expectations.


Lindsey Chupp

My passion is helping businesses build great marketing plans. I love to strategize with businesses to ascertain their goals and then build a strategy around reaching those goals.

I believe in utilizing all marketing channels: social media, paid digital advertising, TV, Radio, Print, Billboards, and more. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Together we will build a plan that you will meet both your budget and your needs.


Natalie Small

Marketing a business is something that is continuously evolving. I’ve worked in the industry for the past 15 years and have experienced a lot of change. As a creative, the constant change is what I enjoy the most. It challenges me to keep up with current trends and allows me to always learn something new.

A defined brand and consistent messaging is what will set your business apart and help you win. When you win, we win. Helping support your business with your vision and brand, and in return, seeing it come to life is the most rewarding part of my role. How is your brand? I would love to help build it to its full potential.

Administrative Director

Rachel Summers

Graphic Designer

Niko Walter

Creative Content Manager

Kirsten Lichti

Digital Marketing Strategist

Morgan Stoldt

SEO Strategist

Steve Butcher

Web Developer

Dylan Prost

Creative Content Manager

Ellie Patterson

Project Manager

Jeremy Pope

Creative Content Manager

Taylor Dye

Multi-Media Specialist

Garrett Detweiler

Administrative Assistant

Brianna Tennefoss

Client Manager Relationship

Julia Kooser

Marketing Support Strategist

Logan Gingerich

We're here to help


We will help you create or clarify your brand, marketing plan, and determine the best solutions for your business.


We will empower your business to reach their goals through implementing the plan and brand we create together.


Now that your plan is created and in place, we will help your business achieve all the goals you've been dreaming of!